Everything you need to know about the Visual Field Test

As you read these words, can you see out of the corners of your eyes?  Can you see what’s happening around you? The Visual Field Test allows your optometrist to examine your peripheral vision.   

What is a Visual Field Test?  
A visual field test carefully examines your peripheral and central vision, which will let your optometrist know how wide of an area your eye can see when you focus on a central point. It is a great way to measure how much vision you have in either eye.   
We mainly use it for screening and diagnosing ocular disease or testing eligibility for driving. 
Who needs a test? 
It all depends on the patient and if your optometrist needs to test your vision further. It helps your optometrist to assess the quality of your vision and see if you have any conditions that disproportionately affect the side vision such as retinal conditions. Your optometrist will let you know during your consultation if you need a visual field test. 
When and where will this test be done?  
Thanks to having the most up to date Visual Fields Analyser at the practice, we are able to perform the test here at Martin & Lobb Eyecare. If you and your optometrist have the time, your visual field test can be done during your consultation. If not, you will need to book a time with our receptionists.  
What happens during a Visual Field Test? 
You will look into a bowl-like machine and observe periodic flashes of light with varying levels of brightness and will be asked to press a button promptly after each flash. Many of the flashes will be too dim for you to appreciate so there may be periods of perceived inactivity.  
The test information helps the machine calculate a “threshold”, that is, the dimmest amount of light you can see in each area of your field of vision. All this information aids in detecting early defects. 
The equipment used at Martin & Lobb Eyecare takes into account the age of the patient. The machine also compensates for patients with poorer sight such as those with amblyopia (lazy eye), or other vision difficulties. This means the Visual Field Test isn’t affected by problems other than the ones we are trying to pick up, it remains very accurate and reliable  
This test is perfectly painless and nothing to be worried about.  

What’s next?  
After the test concludes, the machine will provide scans which show the profile of your side vision as well as how reliable the scans were.   
Sometimes, if you were misaligned, didn’t fully understand the test, or were inattentive, the visual field test might need to be repeated. It is simple because results were inconclusive and we want to ensure we will support you and your vision the best we can.  
Sometimes we may ask you to come back into to the practice on a different day for a second test to see if the original result is repeatable.  
The results from your visual field test will be analyzed by your optometrist and your diagnosis will be discussed with you.  

How much does this test cost?  
 The cost for a Visual Field Test is $80. Martin & Lobb Eyecare offers payment options such as Afterpay, if you wish to have more information please get in touch with our receptionists.