As you protect your skin from the sun’s ultraviolet rays (UV), protect your eyes too with sunglasses. They play an essential role in preventing eye damage.

Prescription Sunglass Packages Available from $299*(conditions apply)

  We have a wide range of beautiful sunglass ranges available.  

1. Sun Tints

The sun tints help reduce glare and improve visibility not all tinted lenses  block UV rays. The sunglasses you buy should be certified “100% UV block”.

We have a large range of 100% UV blocking tints. Ask our team to help you find the one best suited to you 

Starting price: $134 for the pair of lenses

2. Polarized option:

Add a polarized option to provide the best protection, contrast and comfort for your eyes in every situation (driving, sports, activities…).  This option eliminate the sun’s reflected glare, particularly from surfaces such as water, snow, car bonnets, roads... 

Starting price: $274 for the pair of lenses


3. Sunglass Packages

 Be ready for the sun and choose a designer sunglass with prescription lenses from our special sunnies program. We have a great selection of men's and women's prescriptable sunglasses to choose from.


4. Clip on and Fitovers

Readymade clip on

We have a large range of polarized clip on to provide 100% UV protection. Numerous shapes and styles are available in our store.

Starting price: $56


Magnetic Clip On

The new clip on magnetic system offer polarized sun lenses perfectly edged and adapted to your own frame. A quick and easy, the magnetic clip on provides 100% UV protection.

Starting price: $138

Fitovers ®:


    The fitovers are polarized sunglasses design to be worn directly over your prescription glasses. We have a large range of different shapes, sizes, colours, styles… to fit all prescription frames and offer wrap around protection (front and sideways) with 100% UV blocking.

Starting price: $79