Erin's world frames

Erin’s world frames now available at Martin and Lobb Eyecare.

                       Erin’s World frames are especially designed to fit individuals with Down Syndrome and people with low bridges.


                                  Frame characteristics:

                 .  Shortened temples, extra wide frame fronts and a lowered bridge.

              . They are made from titanium and memory flex that create a flexible

                  bridge and temples that springs out 180°.







                         -  Optimal frame size to fit unique child’s needs

                         -  More comfortable with much less tendency to slip down the nose

                         -  Strength to survive children's handling



                               A wide variety of models and colours are available for all ages:

                          from infant to teen sizes.






*  Come and have a look at the catalogue available in our office, all frames can be ordered on appro at no obligation.