Lens and Lifestyle

        With our modern lifestyle, professional or personal life, we spend an increasing amount of time in front of screens (smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs…) Problems with visual fatigue and discomfort are common. 

What can be done to prevent or reduce these difficulties?



 1.  Lens coating

    For better viewing comfort include an Anti-Reflection coating on your lenses to minimize the glare. Your lenses are more transparent, with no reflections from the screen so visual fatigue is reduced.
Starting price (pair of lenses + coating included):
  • $120 for the pair single focus lenses
  • $390 for the pair of standard progressive lenses
  • $552 for the pair of new generation progressive lenses


2.  EyeZen® lens by Essilor: (for wearers under 40)

    This lens provides extra lens power in the lower section to reduce the amount of focusing effort required for near work . The lens design helps with comfortable vision till the end of the day.


3.  Occupational lens/ Home & Office® : (for wearers over 40) 

    This lens offers comfortable vision for computer and reading, with wider intermediate corridor width compared to the progressive lenses and deeper focusing range compared to single focus reading lenses. The Home & Office presents the same advantages with a small area on the top of the lens for far vision.                                              

  • Starting price occupational: $244 for the pair, $366 for the pair + Anti-Reflection coating
  • Starting price Home&Office: $318 for the pair, $440 for the pair + Anti-Reflection coating



4.  Lubricating eye drops: 

       While working at a computer people blink less frequently. Blinking moistens your eyes to prevent dryness and irritation.  Dry office environments particularly those with air conditioning can increase problems with eye dryness even in the presence of good work habits.


   Lubricating eye drops can be very helpful in reducing the symptoms of ocular dryness and increase your eye comfort. Ask our team about the best eye drops solution, adapted to your needs.


‚ÄčStarting price: $5.30 for 15ml bottle of Polytears



5.  Visual breaks: 



  When working for a long time on screens, take frequent breaks (every 30 minutes approximately), stretch your arms and legs and focus on objects at distance.